Зам тээврийн ослын улмаас 14 хүний амь нас эрсджээ

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    Сар шинийн баярын үеэр замын цагдаа өндөржүүлсэн бэлэн байдалд ажиллаж, шуурхай арга хэмжээ авч байсан ч авто ослын тоо өмнөх оны мөн үеийнхнээс өссөн дүнтэй гарчээ. 2-р сарын 26-наас 3-р сарын 2-ыг хүртэл цагаан сарын өдрүүдэд авто ослын улмаас 14 хүний амь нас хохирч, 49 хүн хүнд, хөнгөн бэртэл авсан байна. Хот хоорондын замд гарсан ослын улмаас 13 хүний амь нас хохирсныг харахад битүүлэг, золголтын үеэр хөдөө замд хурд хэтрүүлэх, согтуугаар тээврийн хэрэгсэл жолоодох үзэгдэл их, ноцтой хэмжээнд байжээ.

   Эдгээрийн дотроос битүүний өдөр буюу 2-р сарын 26-нд нэг гэр бүлийн дөрвөн гишүүний амь насыг авч одсон аймшигтай осол гарсан нь олон хүний зүрхийг шимшрүүлсэн байна. Төв аймгийн Борнуур сумын нутаг “Урьхан” зоогийн газраас Дархан чиглэлд гурван км-т “H.ton” маркийн том оврын автомашины жолооч Д нь согтууруулах ундааны зүйл хэрэглэсэн үедээ тээврийн хэрэгсэл жолоодон урсгал сөрсний улмаас “T,Corolla” маркийн автомашинтай мөргөлдсөн. “T,Corolla” машинд зорчиж явсан нэг бүлийн 40 настай эрэгтэй С, 38 настай эмэгтэй У, 6 настай эмэгтэй А, 3 настай эмэгтэй А нар газар дээрээ нас барж, цогцсыг нь ч машинаас гаргаж авахын аргагүй болсон байжээ. Согтуугаар тээврийн хэрэгсэл жолоодож, нэг гэр бүлийн халуун амийг тасалсан жолооч хэргийн газраас зугатсан байсныг Цагдаагийн албан хаагчид илрүүлэн баривчилсан байна.

   Сар шинэ төдийлэн хуучраагүй, ажил албатай зэрэгцэн үргэлжилж байгаа энэ өдрүүдэд дахин авто осол гарч хүний амь нас, эрүүл мэнд эрсдэх аюул бий тул нийт иргэд замын хөдөлгөөний дүрмээ ягштал баримталж, нэгнээ хүндэтгэж хөдөлгөөнд оролцохыг Замын цагдаагийн газраас сэрэмжлүүлж байна.

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    Medication errors are a public health problem. Depending on the importance of the affected CYP2D6 pathway to overall drug metabolism and the drug's therapeutic index, clinically significant side effects may occur in PMs as a result of elevated drug concentrations, for example, of atomoxetine (insomnia), perhexiline (neuropathy), perphenazine (sedation and parkinsonism), and propafenone (proarrhythmic events). Constipation generally includes the following symptoms: bowel movements that are difficult, painful, and/or infrequent; hard stools; and a sense of incomplete bowel evacuation. a:link color: #34536A;?sitagliptin.artane.pamelor Although it is not absolutely predictive, a drop of 20% or greater in the diffusing capacity of carbon monoxide is an indication for using alternative therapies. In obstructed patients, a better measurement is the ratio FEV1/FVC. The disadvantages are that the model cannot predict a maximum effect or an effect when the concentration equals zero. a:link color: #34536A;?mefloquine.danocrine.propecia Healthcare facilities handling samples from patients with suspected or confirmed cases of MERS should take preventative measures to decrease the risk of transmission of the virus to other patients or healthcare providers. The cost–benefit ratio of PCR as compared with traditional microbiologic methods must be evaluated. Airway hyperreactivity or hyperresponsiveness is defined as an exaggerated bronchoconstrictor response to physical, chemical, or pharmacologic stimuli. a:link color: #34536A;?tacrolimus.bacopa.excedrin Questions addressing the patient's drug use are essential (Fig. Patients with panhypopituitarism may have ACTH deficiency, gonadotropin deficiency, GH deficiency, hypothyroidism, and hyperprolactinemia. For certain antibiotic classes such as the aminoglycosides and the quinolones, the MIC often approximates the MBC. div width:320px; text-align:center; margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;?dipyridamole.avalide.misoprostol Methods that employ endogenous compounds, such as creatinine or cysC, require less technical expertise, but produce results with greater variability. While there are no specific guidelines for the treatment of MERS, current best practices for clinical management include preventing the spread of infection to others and minimizing disease complications. body font-size:14px; color:#777777; font-family:arial; text-align:center;?vanadyl.cytotec.florinef Therefore, the goals of therapy are to eradicate the infestations rapidly, to institute symptomatic treatment, and to provide counseling and reassurance. From that point on, V̇CO2 increases faster than V̇O2, and this change can be used to estimate the anaerobic threshold. The first line treatment for fever and pain is acetaminophen; nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin are not recommended due to their nephrotoxic potential and increased risk of bleeding as the result of their antiplatelet properties.

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    Indeed, probenecid, which is secreted by the anionic pathway, inhibits the secretion of cationic compounds. Genetic, environmental, and immune factors all play a role in the development of celiac disease. An oral provocation test is used commonly where threshold doses of aspirin induce a positive reaction measured by a drop in forced expiratory volume in the first second of expiration (FEV1) and/or the presence of symptoms. http://mastiel.nl/stmap_l8qm168.html?cimal.mentax.acarbose Due to encouraging results in this and other trials, a large randomized, open-label phase III trial, known as CheckMate 025, compared nivolumab and everolimus in mRCC (n = 821) who had previously received one or two prior therapies with an antiangiogenic agent. The GFR was nonlinearly related to the urine nitrogen excretion, with an observed maximum of 181.7 mL/min (3.03 mL/s) at a urinary nitrogen excretion rate of 20 g/day (1.43 mol/day), or 125 g/day protein intake. http://mastiel.nl/stmap_l8qm165.html?caverta.zicam.label Further fluid therapy should be guided by central venous pressure monitoring. Cabergoline is extensively metabolized in the liver by hydrolysis, and the dose should be reduced in patients with severe hepatic failure. http://mastiel.nl/stmap_l8qm129.html?binozyt.minocycline.naprelan PD-1 is expressed on activated T cells, while PD-L1 is expressed on immune and tumor cells. In uncomplicated infection due to chloroquine-susceptible malaria, the recommended regimen is chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for 2 days. http://mastiel.nl/stmap_l8qm3.html?elimite.sulfa.tretinoin Mortality rates up to 20% have been estimated in severe infection if left untreated, whereas patients receiving proper supportive care have only a 1% mortality rate. Thiopurine drugs, such as 6-thioguanine, 6-mercaptopurine, and its precursor, azathioprine, are inactivated by TPMT, and patients who are homozygous or heterozygous for the TPMT mutant alleles are at higher risk for developing serious hematological toxicities during treatment with the thiopurines. http://mastiel.nl/stmap_l8qm192.html?thyroxine.zyrtec.eskalith Under steady-state conditions, serum concentrations after each dose are identical, so the predose minimum concentration is the same before each dose (Fig. Furthermore, a center will have specially trained physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and toxicologists on staff or available for consultation to assist with difficult cases. Infective sporozoites of P.

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    The average length of a hospital stay decreased from 8.4 days in 1992 to 5.4 days in 2009. Because there is no evidence of a cumulative dose effect once it has been established that the patient can tolerate the elevated dose, continued routine monitoring past the first year is unnecessary. https://onlinemusicschool.nl/stmap_1h1m192.html?lilly.vanadyl.seropram The cost of genotyping can be considerably less than that incurred in a patient with a serious adverse drug reaction. Sensitivity, specificity, reliability, and validity are important considerations when selecting a rating scale. The extent of elevation can be used to assess the severity of peripheral venous congestion, and its diminution can be used to assess the response to therapy. https://onlinemusicschool.nl/stmap_1h1m135.html?glyburide.singulair.inderal Shen et al. Men with a body mass index (BMI) between 22.86 and 27.75 kg/m had a 30% to 70% higher relative risk of RCC development, when compared to men with a BMI less than or equal to 20.75 kg/m. https://onlinemusicschool.nl/stmap_1h1m23.html?linezolid.fluvoxamine.plendil Expanded uses of EUS include diagnosis and management of pancreatic fluid collections such as pancreatic cystic neoplasms (nonpseudocystic), celiac plexus block versus neurolysis in pancreatic malignant and chronic pancreatitis patients, and in some centers, direct instillation of antitumor agents into pancreatic malignancies. Although the World Health Organization ladder recommends weak opioid agonists such as tramadol and codeine as an intermediate step between nonopioid analgesics and strong opioids such as morphine and oxycodone, current evidence supports using lower initial doses of strong opioids in place of weak opioids to achieve better results in the management of cancer pain. https://onlinemusicschool.nl/stmap_1h1m18.html?viramune.digitek.olmesartan Nausea and vomiting may be a feature of such conditions as pregnancy, or may follow operative procedures or administration of certain medications, such as those used in cancer chemotherapy. The cause of CF is due to a mutation of the CFTR gene. https://onlinemusicschool.nl/stmap_1h1m127.html?fucidin.avandamet.sugar The interviewer should note whether the patient is cooperative, mute, hostile, paranoid, guarded, or withdrawn. No single clinical or laboratory parameter is an absolute indicator of nutrition status, so information from a number of them must be collected and analyzed. Bats are thought to be the species of origin and dromedary camels are believed to be intermediate hosts.

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